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We in the Studio
In the back of the shop in Amsterdam, the studio of J.C. HERMAN Ceramics is visible.
All products are made here. The nice thing is that you can always witness a part of the making process; the studio is visible in the shop.
Basic ingredient in the studio is the potter's wheel, where all the work is made ('thrown' as it is called).

On the shelves behind the wheel, work is drying to be finished later.
Also there is clay, a working table, buckets with glaze et cetera.
Not in view is the kiln and shelves full of half-products.
Furthermore there's a lot of chemical basic ingredients to mix glazes
and a closet for work with the compressor pistol.
To make a ceramic product like ours,
one needs to follow those steps:
·     the kneading of the clay
·     weighing the clay; each product must be of equal weight
·     throwing the model on the wheel
·     after drying ± a day: het finishing the bottom
      and if needed attaching buttons, handles etc
·     letting it dry
·     pre-firing (=biscuit)
·     glazing
·     second firing
We in the Studio in a Film
In 2012 Job Derksen made a short film about our production method:

More information about Ceramics can be found here.