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Cup CAFFÈ - natural Bowl ROOM - red Bowl RISO - white Plate BROOD - green Little plate CITROEN - white/blue Deep plate VLEES - blue Cup CAFFÈ - yellow Bowl ROOM - white/blue Plate PANE - yellow Bowl NOTEN - blue Small bowl SAUS - red Cup AMERICANO - natural Bowl ROOM - green Cup THEE - green Mini bowl ZOUT - white/blue
J.C. HERMAN Ceramics designs, makes and sells ceramics.
All products are handmade on the potter's wheel,
hence unique.
And round, per definition.

Come and have a look in our studio/shop,
where you can directly purchase the pottery from the potter himself.

Our style places itself in the middle
of classical Asian forms
and contemporary Nordic design.
All our ceramics are dishwasherproof
and ovensafe, when heated up slowly.

Purchases done via the website can be shipped all over Europe.
J.C.HERMAN Ceramics   |   Herenstraat 10   |   1015 CA Amsterdam   |   the Netherlands
open: tues-saturday noon-5PM